Don Lemon Fires Back at ‘Troll’ Newt Gingrich For Calling Him ‘Hostile to America’: ‘Don’t Play Me’


Don Lemon fired back at Newt Gingrich on Friday after the congressman-turned-Fox News pundit accused him of being “hostile to America” for asking singer Gladys Knight about her decision to perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

Lemon interviewed Knight following her performance at the Super Bowl earlier this week, and asked if she was “worried about her career” for singing the anthem “given the controversy” surrounding NFL protests.

“Don Lemon is so hostile to America he questioned how Gladys Knight could sing the National Anthem,” Gingrich wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “This fits the CNN pattern of belittling America and its institutions. Most Americans were honored by Gladys Knight—veterans especially so.”

Lemon issued a rare response on Friday.

“Newt, I’m breaking my rule of not responding to Twitter trolls just for you. You’re welcome. Just so you know Ms. Knight, who I greatly admire & have interviewed before, was well aware of the anthem controversy & chose to speak with me about it,” Lemon wrote on Twitter.

“Not asking her about it would have been a dereliction of journalistic integrity,” he continued. “We can respect someone, ask tough questions & hold them to account. It’s the American way. Republicans, lately, should try it. By the way, don’t play me, play lotto. Your odds are better.”

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