Donald Trump Reportedly Fired Roger Stone as Campaign Adviser

Donald Trump has reportedly told The Washington Post that his longtime adviser, Roger Stone, has been fired. Reporter Robert Costa tweeted that Trump said that trying to clean house of “publicity seekers” making Stone the latest employee to be fired this week.

Costa reported that Trump and Stone have had disagreements with each other for some time, and that Trump wanted to establish that they are no longer working together. Trump said that while Stone would have a different description than him about the end of their partnership, he said that split happened because Trump only wants to run a campaign with the most serious people.

While Costa’s tweets did not allude to any particular, recent statements from Stone, the former adviser drew attention this week after starting Twitter fights with Roland Martin and Ana Navarro:

Geraldo Rivera also weighed in on this squabble, which soon developed into his own disagreement with Stone:

Both Martin and Stone have tweeted out their own response to the event:

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