Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, Coulter Tweeted Out Link to a Hoax News Story (UPDATED)


The level of caring about facts in the Donald Trump campaign is so low, today his campaign manager just straight-up tweeted out a fake news report:

And in case it’s taken down:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 5.33.30 PM

The reason he tweeted a fake news article out so eagerly may have something to do with the headline: “Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: ‘I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally'”

This is one of those hoax sites that we’ve gotten so incredibly tired of people falling for. If you take a close look at that URL, you’ll notice the “.co” after the “.com,” a common staple of websites that attempt to fool people into thinking what they’re

The entire article doesn’t even have any jokes, like The Onion would. Instead it’s just straight-up fake news that even the dimmest person could read and immediately tell it’s fake.

I mean, look at this other headline from the same exact website:


And, really, just look at this crap:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 5.42.05 PM

Does anyone on the Trump campaign check anything? Seriously.

(P.S. Mr. Lewandowski, you might wanna give this a read.)

UPDATE –– 6:10 pm EST: Apparently Lewandowski is not the first one who tweeted this out tonight, as minutes before he tweeted it out, Ann Coulter did:

We’ve also tracked down the origin of the photo that appeared in the hoax post, from this IB Times article.

[image via screengrab]

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