Doubling Down: Ex-Trump Adviser Slams Competitors in Latest Anti-Media Commentary for Sinclair


Boris Epshteyn, the former Trump adviser who does regular commentary segments for Sinclair, has responded to the media uproar over the commentary and opinion being injected into Sinclair networks’ broadcasts.

Sinclair is under renewed scrutiny following a viral video mash-up of anchors at Sinclair-owned stations reading a statement slamming fake news. Epshetyn does regular commentary for Sinclair that gets designated as “must-run” segments on the networks.

And today, Epshteyn’s new Sinclair commentary is a direct response to the recent media attention.

He first brings up his own political background and asks, “Wouldn’t you want someone talking to you about politics only if he had actually worked in politics and knew the people he was talking about?”

But then he goes on to defend his commentary segments, insisting they are “very clearly marked” and taking shots at news competitors:

“In terms of my analysis playing during your local news, as you see, my segments are very clearly marked as commentary. The same cannot be said for cable and broadcast news hosts who inject their opinions and bias into news coverage all the time without drawing any lines between them. Here is the bottom line: I am proud to be the chief political analyst at Sinclair. My goal with every segment is to tell you facts which you may not already know and then my take on those facts. I am thrilled to keep sharing the truth and my perspective with you day in and day out. Thank you for tuning in.”

You can watch the new video above.

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