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Ed Rendell: Dems Running Scared Of Media’s Tea Party Coverage

Time for the Dems to man up! Last night Rachel Maddow and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell discussed the other big rallies and protests taking place around the country by people who are actually angry their government isn’t doing enough. Rendell thinks the Dems are at fault for losing the argument to the Tea Partiers because they have been unwilling, or afraid, to speak out about what they believe in. Moreover, the party has been running scared from the Tea Partiers — “cowering behind shower curtains” — in part due to the overblown Tea Party narrative as defined by a hyperbolic media.

Maddow, meanwhile, thinks that the media is less to blame than the the GOP who ran straight into the arms of the Tea Partiers. She wants to know whether there’s a lesson to be learned here about listening to the base, and whether the Dems should spend more time courting the unions and feminists who would make the Dems smarter about articulating a core Democratic message. Rendell’s closing advice: “Show some guts!” Video below.

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