‘Embrace the Weird’ — Fox Editor Says Trump Should Pick His Own Daughter As VP

PayneStirwaltFox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt said that Donald Trump should “embrace the weird” and pick his own daughter Ivanka Trump as his running mate.

Speaking to Charles Payne Tuesday afternoon, Stirewalt cycled through a host of potential veep picks, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer before arriving his unlikely favorite option.

“My favorite pick — my absolutely favorite pick, I think — is his daughter Ivanka. I think that is the best choice that he could make,” he said. “Everybody likes her! Has anybody ever said that they didn’t like her? Everybody likes her. I think Trump would be smart to choose — I know this is crazy. I know this sounds totally crazy, Charles. But I think he would be smart to pick his own daughter. Put her out there and say, ‘We’re the Trumps. This is the family business. This is what we do.'”

Payne conceded that her favorables were higher than her father’s.

“When it’s a crazy election year, when weird stuff is happening, you gotta embrace the weird,” Stirewalt concluded. “You cannot try to fight it and go straight at the end.”

[image via screengrab]

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