Environmental Interest Group Makes Snuff Film, For The Planet

Pretend for a minute that you are an environmental interest group. You want to create an ad campaign expressing the importance of global stewardship, of conservation and preservation for future generations. How do you do this?

Blow up some children.

Today, eco-interest group 10:10 released a graphic mini-movie called “No Pressure” in which characters that refuse to participate in their mission are blown to tomato soup. In a series of short clips, a teacher massacres students, a boss destroys employees, and the video’s voice over artist is popped in her recording booth. All of the clips conclude with the environmentally friendly bystanders covered in remains.

Shortly after putting that out there, 10:10 also released a non-apology apology on their website, ie, “I’m sorry you were offended…”

The violence of the mini-movie is not even the most shocking aspect of it. What is most astounding is that an entire group of adults devoted to their mission seemed to believe that this was the best way to sell it. There is no doubt that the clip will be effective in getting attention, but how will the sort of attention it garners benefit their cause?

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