Eric Trump Caught Putting Lemonade in Free Water Cup Like Some Sort of Madman


Despite being the heir to a billionaire fortune, Eric Trump evidently asked for a free water cup at an In-N-Out Burger and used it to steal lemonade.

Eric’s wife Lara Trump posted a picture to social media of the two hitting up the West Coast fixture after Wednesday’s debate. But the Instagram selfie was strategically cropped to hide what Eric was drinking from the clear plastic cup (legal experts call this mens rea).

How do you celebrate after a big @realdonaldtrump win?! #InNOut ???#teamtrump #MAGA ??

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But a passerby got a picture with Eric, revealing that had filled his water cup with lemonade, a startling breach of fast food etiquette and decorum that quickly racked up thousands of retweets.

Buzzfeed went so far as to contact Inn-N-Out’s corporate office, who confirmed that Trump could have only received that cup for free water. Huffington Post posits that Eric could have “wanted water and accidentally pressed the button,” but that doesn’t explain why he didn’t pour out the citrus drink out, or perhaps turn himself over to law enforcement. Trump has never made his receipts public, leading some to speculate that he could have avoiding paying for lemonade for the past two decades.

Rumors that Lara Trump sipped a little bit off the top off the soda and then refilled it again remain unsubstantiated.


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