”F*cking Douchebag!’ NY Pol Apologizes After Profanity-Laced Tirade Caught on Video

New York State Senator Tom O’Mara apologized today after video of him cursing someone out went viral online. A few weeks ago, a constituent approached O’Mara (with a hidden camera) and asked about his support of a liquefied gas storage project.

The first four minutes of the conversation were cordial enough, but when the man said offhand “that’s interesting” about something his wife said, O’Mara really went off. He shouted “What the fuck do you mean, that’s interesting?!… You’re a fucking douchebag! Get the fuck outta my face! Right now! Now!”

He keeps yelling at the man, telling him “Move, asswipe!” and “I’ve had enough of you and your kind!”

Today, O’Mara offered this apology:

O’Mara on Tuesday called it “regrettable that the exchange ultimately turned heated and, as an elected official, I regret the words and tone that were used. I still don’t like the underhanded tactics, but I should know better.”

Watch the confrontation here, via the Times-Union:

[h/t Daily Intelligencer]
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