comScore Will Now Require All Of Their Reporters To Blog

Business Insider is reporting that will be completely overhauling their blog section. The new section of the site is supposed to go live later this afternoon. The most interesting part of the report, however, was the fact that each one of their reporters will be required to maintain a blog.

Business Insider points out that the move fits in with the style of the magazine’s new editorial director, True/Slant Lewis Dvorkin, much more so than former CEO Jim Spanfeller. We’d also add that, as silly as it might sound to force someone to blog, it’s a pretty smart move. The feeling of connection that between readers and journalists that social media tools creates is revolutionizing the way media is presented. For good or bad, being able to follow a writer’s personal writing outside of their main posts has seemingly made every journalist like a tiny Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck. This then fuels loyalty amongst the audience no matter what the size.

It probably won’t be that far off before journalists starting a new job get assigned a Twitter user name as fast as they get an ID card.

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