Fox News’ Gasparino Calls ‘BS’ on Trump’s Bashing Media For Anonymous Sources: ‘He Was One of Mine’


While President Donald Trump railed against the “fake news” media during his Thursday rally in Montana, claiming they invent their anonymous sources and fabricate quotes, a reporter from his favorite network revealed the president himself was an unidentified source for years.

Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino called out Trump in a tweet that evening for his “complaining” over the issue, making clear that the president had been one of those mystery sources for a long time.

Gasparino followed up the candid tweet with another calling Trump’s anonymous source talk “complete BS.”

During his speech in Great Falls to support GOP Senate hopeful Matt Rosendale, Trump launched a verbal assault on media credibility, accusing reporters of making up their scoops.

“They quote sources. ‘A source within the Trump organization said.’ A source. They don’t have a source,” he said. “They never use names anymore. The old days, you have to use names. ‘Jim Smith said that Donald Trump is a bad guy.’ They don’t do that anymore. They say ‘a source within the administration.’ They make the sources up. They don’t exist in many cases. I saw one of them said 15 anonymous sources. I don’t have 15 people — forget it. 15 anonymous sources have said all source of stuff. These are really bad people.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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