Franklin Graham Apologizes For Questioning President Obama’s Faith

Controversial pastor Franklin Graham expressed remorse for calling into question President Obama‘s faith in a statement released to Religion News Service. “I regret any comments I have ever made which may have cast any doubt on the personal faith of our president, Mr. Obama,” he said in a statement.

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“I apologize to him and to any I have offended for not better articulating my reason for not supporting him in this election — for his faith has nothing to do with my consideration of him as a candidate,” Graham added.

Graham had come under fire for his comments from the NAACP for “bearing false witness” and “fomenting racial discord.”

Last week, in an infamous appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Graham, when asked if Obama was a Christian, responded, “I cannot answer that question for anybody.” In the same interview, Graham also provocatively quipped, “under Islamic law, the Muslim world sees Barack Obama as a Muslim.”

(h/t USA Today)

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