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Fried Chicken Convinces Man Scotland Will Vote for Independence

At this point, Scottish independence is up in the air, and the polling in advance of today’s referendum is too close to call. To that, we turn to this piece of fried chicken to give us insight into the outcome of today’s historic vote.

The prophetic chicken was found at a KFC in England by one Terry O’Neil, who immediately noticed that the chicken was mysteriously missing the part of Great Britain that has all the oil. As Al-Arabiya recounts:

“I picked this one piece out and I thought it looked like the map of Britain, but then I realized Scotland was missing,” UPI quoted O’Neil as saying.

“I don’t know whether it’s an omen for the outcome of the Scottish referendum, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Scotland vote ‘Yes,’” he added.

Give this fried chicken Karl Rove’s job.

[h/t Al-Arabiya]
[Image via Terry O’Neil/Twitter]

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