Gavin McInnes Hired By Conservative Canadian Network Rebel Media


Gavin McInnes, the founder of “Western Chauvinist” group Proud Boys, is joining far-right Canadian website and network The Rebel Media, the outlet told Mediaite Tuesday.

McInnes — whose diverse career took him from co-founding Vice Magazine to founding a men’s group known for public brawling and strict rules about masturbation — has produced videos for The Rebel before. According to a promo clip posted by the outlet, McInnes will return in character: playing his “woke brother, Miles McInnes” who will produce “social justice videos.”

The hire follows a trend for The Rebel, which operates as a sort of salon de refusés for ostracized right-wing gadflies: Katie Hopkins joined after leaving the Daily Mail, white nationalist and neo-Nazi sympathizer Faith Goldy hosted a show on the network, as did English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson.

Goldy posed a particular headache for the network — she appeared on a neo-Nazi podcast and once said Nazis have interesting views on the “JQ” (Jewish question) — until she was fired after covering the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

McInnes first departed The Rebel then, joining conservative network CRTV. He was let go from CRTV as part of its merger with The Blaze late last year.

Since, McInnes left the Proud Boys after the group was involved in violent brawls in New York City, with several members charged with assault. This week, he sued the Southern Poverty Law Center, claiming the organization has hurt his career by labelling the Proud Boys a “hate group” — which he says helped get the group kicked off sites like Twitter, Facebook and PayPal.

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