Glenn Beck Declares He Won’t Use Google Unless He Has To

This past week, as Glenn Beck railed against Google employees Wael Ghonim and Jared Cohen, many wondered if he was setting up to declare a boycott against the company. Tonight, he clarified his statements. He doesn’t want to call a boycott. He just doesn’t trust them, has decided he won’t use their products unless he has to, and thinks his viewers should look into them (not using Google, of course).

“I’m really not sure that I want my search engine involved in government overthrows, good or bad. What I want from a search engine is good search results. This is not the issue. I’m not afraid that Google is reading my email, or tapping your phone lines, or stealing Grandma’s recipes. That kind of paranoia is reserved for the Left during the Bush administration with Microsoft. What I’m starting to look at is Google and Google as a whole.

I’m just not sure, as I look into Google, that I want to use their products anymore unless I have to. And some of their products I think I have to. I’m not leading any boycott. I hate boycotts. You do with your time, your money, and your information what you want. For me, personally, I’m not feeling real comfortable about the current direction of Google the more I find out.”

What was interesting about today’s segment is that it seemed much more about the company in its entirety (which he called “very hard left-leaning”) instead of an employee like Ghonim or Cohen. He did, however, spend some time focusing on one man; Google CEO Eric Schmidt. He read a number of sinister sounding quotes from Schmidt including the one about the eventual normalizing of name changes that we wrote about here. He also displayed the number one smoking gun possible, a clip of Schmidt on stage praising George Soros. Uh oh.

In the end, he promised that he would give tips on how to avoid “companies like Google” on his website and radio show tomorrow. Don’t worry, though. There will be no boycott.

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