Good Magazine Teams Up With Ben & Jerry’s to Call for Reauthorization of Voter Rights Act


Ice cream emperors Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are no strangers to the political arena. Fresh off being arrested at a sit-in to keep money out of politics, making an ice cream flavor in honor of Bernie Sanders, and releasing a statement about Black Lives Matter, they have been calling to reauthorize the Voter Rights Act.

The VRA was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson and aimed to reinforce the 15th Amendment, which gave African American men the right to vote. The VRA took aim at discriminatory practices like literacy tests and poll taxes. In a 2013 Supreme Court case, the VRA was gutted, which led to a number of new laws cropping up this election season, many of which were deemed racist by opponents.

Among those opponents are not only Cohen and Greenfield, but Good, too. Good is a magazine that strives to promote understanding of the world and improving it. Together, they’ve been encouraging people to sign a petition to have the VRA reauthorized.

After working on their reauthorization project this year, they released information on what they’d learned.

They revealed that only 42% of eligible voters did vote this year and that Millennials had a poor turnout, then encouraged young people to get more involved and vote. After all, that’s what they’ve been working so hard for.

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