Post-Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore Signs Overall Deal with ABC

imageedit_241_5607456211Wondering what was going to become of Larry Wilmore after Comedy Central canceled The Nightly Show? Don’t worry! He’s going over to ABC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wilmore has signed a multiple-year overall deal with ABC Studios and will not only be working on material for his own projects, but overseeing others, as well. He’ll even be working with ABC Studios to target talent for upcoming shows.

Here is what he had to say about it all:

I’m excited beyond words to be back at ABC and look forward to this creative partnership. Disney took a chance on me as a young writer years ago and so I’m thrilled to return to the Mouse House. I hope my room still looks the same.

He is actually already pretty well-acquainted with ABC, as he is executive producer of Black-ish.

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