GOP Candidate Claimed She Drove a Ford. Breitbart Found Out What Car She Actually Drives.


Oh, the humanity!

Breitbart News, doing the important work of our age, has exclusively learned that Leah Vukmir, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Wisconsin, claimed to drive a Ford, but that she actually drives – gasp – a Toyota!

Vukmir made her specious assertion in a fundraising letter, bragging about the “more than 50,000 miles I’ve put on my Ford to listen and share my ideas.” How do we know it’s actually a Toyota? Because in a campaign video, the logo of the steering wheel is blurred out, and it’s definitely a Toyota Camry, according to Breitbart.

You may think: Her campaign team may have just wanted not to advertise the brand of her car in her campaign ad. Well, Breitbart thought of that, too, and here’s what they have to say:

“Breitbart News has confirmed in multiple manners–with photographs and videos of Vukmir’s car, her entering it, and with other identifying characteristics–that she does, in fact, drive this Toyota Camry, and that it is her car. For her privacy and security, Breitbart News is not releasing any more information about the car’s specifics, such as its license plate number or other identifying characteristics.”

In other words: Breitbart totally knows it’s her car, but they’re not going to tell you how they know it’s her car.

In any event, why lie about something like that? Is it really that terrible to drive a foreign vehicle as opposed to a good old American Ford? Perhaps she has two cars: one a Ford, and one a Toyota.

If you have the answer to this vexing mystery, do let us know at

Or don’t, if you have better things to do than wonder about some candidate’s car choice. Good lord I hope you do.

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