comScore GOP Rep. Peter King to President Trump: Drop the Wiretap Charge

GOP Rep. Peter King to President Trump: Drop the Wiretap Charge

Rep. Peter King called on President Donald Trump to drop the wiretapping controversy during a Monday interview on CNN.

Correspondent Manu Raju asked the New York Republican, “Do you want the White House to drop this altogether? Is it time for them to move on?”

Congressman King replied, “Well, I wish the issue hadn’t been raised.” He outlined that “there’s something there, in the extent that there could have been information that worked its way to the media — worked its way to Democrats — that came from either investigations or surveillance or whatever. But to overshoot it by saying that President Obama intentionally ordered — no, I see no evidence there.”

Raju followed up by wondering, “So what should the White House do now? Should they completely walk it back? should the President of the United States apologize to his predecessor?”

The politician answered, “I’m not going to tell the president what to do, but I wouldn’t have said it in the first place.”

Moments later, the CNN journalist repeated his original question: “To just put a button on this, do you want the White House to drop this wiretapping allegation?”

Rep. King gave a more blunt answer: “I would just as soon drop it. We have enough significant issues to discuss; and, to me, enough questions about what happened in the Justice Department and/or the intelligence community that raise issues about whether or not classified information was leaked improperly. That is what we’re focusing on, not whether or not there was a specific order — which, as far as I know, there was none.”

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