Peter King

GOP Rep. Peter King Roasts President for ‘Shielding’ Saudi Arabia… President Obama, That Is

Bloomberg Holds Fundraiser for GOP Rep. King After Pledging Millions to Help Dems Win House

Rep. Peter King Compares Mueller Investigators to ‘Twelve Klansmen’ Trying Innocent Black Man

GOP Rep. Peter King Compares Kneeling Protests During Anthem to ‘Players Giving Nazi Salutes’

Chris Cuomo Battles Rep. Peter King in Tense Russia Debate: ‘I Can’t Believe You’re Saying’ There’s No Basis For Probe

Rep. Peter King Insists Trump is ‘Innocent’ in Testy CNN Interview: Mueller Has ‘Nothing’ on Him

GOP Rep’s Office Denies He Ripped Trump as ‘Evil’ Forrest Gump: ‘Never Set Foot in a Safeway’

REPUBLICANS REJOICE: GOP Lawmakers Celebrate Democrat’s Alabama Victory Over Roy Moore

Rep. Peter King: Steve Bannon ‘Looks Like Some Disheveled Drunk Who Wandered on to the Political Stage’

NY GOP Rep. Peter King Swipes at Ted Cruz Over Hurricane Sandy Vote

GOP Congressman Peter King: ‘Fire Steve Bannon’

GOP Rep. Peter King Gives Scaramucci a Pass For Crazy Comments: ‘First Week on the Job’

Rep. Peter King: Georgia Win ‘Should Send Signal’ to Trump to ‘Don’t Bother Tweeting’

Peter King Insists That, So Far, He Hasn’t Seen ‘Any Evidence’ of Trump/Russia Collusion

GOP Rep. Peter King to President Trump: Drop the Wiretap Charge

Rep. Peter King: It ‘Diminishes Democracy’ When Protesters Yell at Town Halls

Peter King Clarifies His Involvement in Muslim Ban Talks: ‘Rudy Is Confusing Two Different Meetings’

Peter King: Even With Shots Being Taken at Him, Trump Still ‘Respectful’ to Obama

Peter King: Seems Like CIA Director Is Orchestrating ‘Hit Job’ Against Trump

Peter King: Certain Elements of Media, Intel Community Are ‘Doing the Work of the Russians’

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