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GOP State Rep. Denies Tweeting Giant Penis Photo

Earlier this week, the Twitter account of Missouri state representative Mark Parkinson accidentally sent his followers an image of a comically large penis, along with a caption joking about the difficulties of men waking up in the morning.

Naturally, the tweet went down soon afterwards, and naturally, an intrepid journalist saved a screencap of the tweet before it disappeared:

However, Parkinson denies sending the tweet, saying that he was nowhere near a computer and was out canvassing his neighborhood when the giant penis was tweeted. In another tweet, he hypothesizes that someone may have gotten access to his account:

It’s possible that he was either hacked or has a terrible social media intern, as the Riverfront Times points out that Parkinson nearly exclusively tweets about fitness stuff.

The mystery may never be solved, sadly.

[h/t Daily Dot]
[Image via Mark Parkinson]

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