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GOP State Rep.: ‘I’m Fond of Rap Music,’ Can I Join Black Caucus?

It’s another banner week for state lawmakers and social media. Just days after a Virginia politician Facebooked about Muslims, a GOP state representative asked on FB if his fondness for rap music was enough to earn him entry into the Black Caucus of State Legislators.

New Hampshire Representative Kyle Tasker (R) was responding to a post about a conservative advocacy group hosting the Black Caucus to expand its range of ideas. First Tasker asked, in a devastatingly original rebuttal, how he could join the white caucus, then wondered if his like for rap music, indicated by Nelly’s “Country Grammar” music video, bought him admittance to the BCSL. Did someone find a way to include Jesse Jackson in the discussion? They sure did:

All around great thread. Tasker hung up when Huffington Post called to ask him about the exchange, and later emailed them to say, “There is too much division by race rather than by ideological belief.”

As HuffPost pointed out, this is not Tasker’s first social media uh-oh.

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