GOP Tax Plan Author Stephen Moore Confronted by Protestor: ‘You Know That You’re Lying’

Economist Stephen Moore, who helped to write the GOP tax bill currently ambling forth to President Donald Trump’s desk, was confronted by angry protestors on Capitol Hill this week.

An activist from Social Security Works ambushed Moore as a number of protestors were arrested in the halls of Congress, making for an awkward impromptu interview.

“Why are they protesting?” Moore asked our interviewer Alex Lawson, executive director of Social Security Works.

“They’re protesting a handout to billionaires and robbing us — well you’re not a billionaire right?” Lawson shot back.

“Haha! I wish I were,” Moore replied with a laugh, “I’m trying to be a billionaire!”

“You just flack for them,” an unamused Lawson replied.

“I think everybody should good a tax cut, it would be good for America,” Moore said.

Lawson challenged Moore on that point, saying “factually that’s inaccurate, not everybody gets a tax cut, right?”

“I helped write the bill!” a proud Moore exclaimed, beaming.

“I know that’s why I’m saying you know that you’re lying right now because not everyone gets a tax cut,” Lawson said.

“Well, not everybody,” a forlorn Moore conceded.

Watch above.

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