Greta Talks To Palin About Her “Real Stimulus Program For America”

On day two of Greta Van Susteren‘s Great Alaska Adventure, she and Sarah Palin visited Valdez and ANWR during the day and talked about it live On The Record.

While it wasn’t exactly “drill baby drill,” Palin revealed what she believes would truly be a stimulus program for America.

“In light of President Obama’s moratorium and ban on off-shore drilling, especially, they need to ask, ‘well then how will we remain a prosperous, independent, safe nation, if we don’t have our own energy sources?'” said Palin.

When Greta brought up the dangers of drilling, like with what we’ve seen in the BP oil disaster, Palin noted the safety and environmental precautions taken in ANWR.

But really, in Palin’s mind, the drilling is an economic issue:

It has to be part of today’s debate, too. When we talk about the White House coming through with their nearly trillion dollar stimulus package, and yet we see this jobless recovery, unemployment rates are still so high, we have to ask what is a real stimulus program for America? A stimulus program that doesn’t cost anything, but with a stroke of a pen, political will, allowing more resource development on domestic lands in Alaska and elsewhere across the US, that’s true stimulus for our economy.

Greta says on her blog that she’s “headed east” for the final leg of her three days of shows live from Alaska.

Here’s the segment:

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