Happy Festivus! Here Are Rand Paul’s Grievances


Happy Festivus! That means it’s time for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to air his grievances. And to no one’s surprise, the senator did it all on Twitter.

Some were serious, while others were done in a joking matter. He hinted at some current political battles, but ultimately refrained. Paul also fueled more speculation about running for president in 2016, however it should be noted that “Rand Paul 2016” can also refer to his Senate re-election campaign. So at this early point in the campaign, “Rand Paul 2016” doesn’t mean the same thing as “Mitt Romney 2016” of “Hillary Clinton 2016.”

Have a look:

UPDATE — 1:25 P.M. ET: As promised, Paul resumed the airing of his grievances this afternoon. The notable theme here is government waste, in honor of retiring Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.). Oh, and the authenticity of the senator’s hair.

And Festivus might not be over yet for Paul. Stay tuned …

UPDATE — 3:10 P.M. ET: As expected, there’s more …

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