Rand Paul

Rand Paul’s Wife: Since the Attack ‘My Husband Hasn’t Taken a Single Breath Without Pain’

OOPS? Kasie Hunt Awkwardly Says Rand Paul Assault Is ‘One of My Favorite Stories’

Limbaugh: ‘Sometimes, Terrorists Come Straight From the Democrat Party’ & ‘American Left’

Shep Smith on Curious Rand Paul Attack: ‘Smells Like a Skunk in the Chicken House’

Lawyer of Rand Paul’s Alleged Attacker: Assault Had ‘Nothing to Do’ With Politics

Rand Paul Assault Injuries ‘Much More Serious’ Than First Reported

What We Know About Rene Boucher — Alleged Assailant of Senator Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul Assaulted at His Own Home

Rand Paul Dismisses Trump-GOP Rift: ‘This is a People Magazine Saga’

Rand Paul Suggests Democrats Gave Clinton Campaign Emails to Wikileaks

Rand Paul Continues Feud With ‘Warmonger’ Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul Snipe at Each Other Over Tax Reform: ‘Don’t Screw Up’

Rand Hits Back at Trump: ‘Won’t be Bribed or Bullied’ Into Health Care Bill Support

Rand Paul Hits Back at Trump on Health Care: ‘I Promised Repeal’ to Voters

Trump Hits Rand Paul on Twitter: A ‘Negative Force’ for Fixing Health Care

Lindsey Graham Applauds Trump Speech: ‘Unlike Obama,’ He’s Listening to His Generals

Senate Blocks Repeal and Replace Plan In Late Night Vote, Will Pursue “Skinny Repeal” Next

Rand Paul On ‘Made in America’ Week: I Buy Wal-Mart Shirts Made Overseas for $7

Why Did MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt Run From Lindsey Graham As Soon As He Mentioned Hillary?

In New Tweet, Trump Concede’s Senate Health Care Plan May Fail

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