Rand Paul

Chris Cuomo Mocks ‘Libertarian’ Rand Paul For Wanting Lie Detectors to Find Op-Ed Writer: ‘Crazy Days!’

WATCH: Rand Paul Calls For Criminal Justice Reform Because The System is Too Hard on… Paul Manafort

Trump Shouts Out Rand Paul For Caving on Kavanaugh: ‘Your Vote Means A Lot to Me’

Rand Paul Caved on Supporting Kavanaugh and Everyone is Positively SHOCKED

Scarborough Accuses Fox Hosts of Retreating to ‘Clinton Email Stories’ When There’s ‘Damning News’ About Trump

Rand Paul Slams Brennan After Trump Threat: We Shouldn’t Reveal Secrets to People Calling POTUS Treasonous

Rand Paul Warns: I’m Asking President Trump to Revoke John Brennan’s Security Clearance

Rand Paul Teams Up With Tucker Carlson to Bash John Brennan’s New TV Gig

Rand Paul Offers Defense of Trump Presser Blaming ‘Partisan Investigation’ Fatigue, Trump Thanks Him Bigly

Rand Paul Defends Putin Summit in Wild Interview: Critics All Have ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Rand Paul: We Should Focus on Protecting Our Elections and Not the ‘Witch Hunt on the President’

Man Reportedly Arrested After Threatening to Kill Rand Paul and His Family With an Axe

Rand Paul Blasts Warhawk John Bolton: I Hope He Was Kept ‘At The Children’s Table’ During NoKo Summit

Rand Paul Eviscerates ‘Naive’ Lindsey Graham For War Threats Against NoKo: He’s ‘A Danger to the Country’

Rand Paul: Bill Clinton Still ‘Playing the Victim,’ Not ‘Truly Contrite’

Rand Paul Wants to Know What Gina Haspel Knows About ‘Whether the Trump Campaign Was Surveilled Upon’

Rand Paul Reverses, Will Back Mike Pompeo’s Secretary of State Nomination

Rand Paul Suggests Recent Syrian Chemical Attack Might Be False Flag: ‘Does It Make Any Sense?’

Rand Paul Calls Mueller Probe a ‘Witch Hunt,’ Admits He ‘May Not Have’ Felt the Same About Ken Starr in the ’90s

Fox News’s Chris Stirewalt: If You’re Defending Pruitt Amid Ethics Scandal, Then ‘You Are The Swamp’

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