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Rand Paul Blasts Warhawk John Bolton: I Hope He Was Kept ‘At The Children’s Table’ During NoKo Summit

Rand Paul Eviscerates ‘Naive’ Lindsey Graham For War Threats Against NoKo: He’s ‘A Danger to the Country’

Rand Paul: Bill Clinton Still ‘Playing the Victim,’ Not ‘Truly Contrite’

Rand Paul Wants to Know What Gina Haspel Knows About ‘Whether the Trump Campaign Was Surveilled Upon’

Rand Paul Reverses, Will Back Mike Pompeo’s Secretary of State Nomination

Rand Paul Suggests Recent Syrian Chemical Attack Might Be False Flag: ‘Does It Make Any Sense?’

Rand Paul Calls Mueller Probe a ‘Witch Hunt,’ Admits He ‘May Not Have’ Felt the Same About Ken Starr in the ’90s

Fox News’s Chris Stirewalt: If You’re Defending Pruitt Amid Ethics Scandal, Then ‘You Are The Swamp’

Brian Kilmeade Battles Rand Paul: You Know What Trump Wants ‘Better Than He Does?’

Rand Paul Bashes Trump CIA Pick Gina Haspel For History of ‘Gleeful’ Torture: ‘She Actually Enjoyed’ it

Sen. Rand Paul on Domestic Violence: ‘These Things Are Very, Very Complicated’

Bette Midler Jokes About Government Shutdown: ‘Where’s Rand Paul’s Neighbor When You Need Him?’

Lindsey Graham Trashes Rand Paul Over Shutdown: ‘He’s Been a Disaster’ on National Security

Shutdown 2.0? Government Shutdown Now Looking Likely As Rand Paul Holds Up Vote

Rand Paul on Budgetary Talks: ‘When the Republicans Are in Charge, There’s No Conservative Party’

Colbert Confronts Rand Paul For Calling Mueller Probe a ‘Witch Hunt’: ‘Forget It Ever Happened?’

Rand Paul Opens Up About Attack on Colbert: We Have To Get Beyond Political Disagreements

Rand Paul: Children With Autism Should Be ‘Pissed Off’ Over Wasteful Government Spending

Steve Doocy Opens Rand Paul Interview With Epic Softball: Tell Us What Trump Did For Haiti

Rand Paul: We Can’t Do Immigration Reform ‘If Everybody’s Out There Calling’ Trump a ‘Racist’

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