Heavy Gas: Local News Anchors Have Fun With Science And Lower Voices

Have you ever heard of sulfur hexafluoride? I hadn’t until I watched the clip below, but I’d now really like to get my hands on some.

The clip features a science segment on local 9News in Denver, Colorado. Steve Spangler, science guru, uses his originally titled Steve Spangler Science show to demonstrate to the Denver anchors all the very fun things they should be doing with sulfur hexafluoride, a very heavy gas.

The segments starts out with Spangler showing how you can float tin foil boats over the heavy gas, then shows how it stops a taser. He then shows the news anchors the best thing ever. This gas is basically the anti-helium. When you breathe it in, you end up sounding like James Earl Jones. And it is awesome. The anchors can’t even handle it.

Watch the segment devolve into giggles and think about what you would say if you got some sulfur hexafluoride on your hands. Share in the comments, points for originality.


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