‘I Cast Detect Lie on Climate Scientists’: Twitter Trolls GOP with Dungeons and Dragons-Themed Hashtag


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You may have noticed a weird hashtag trending on Twitter over the last few days, and if you aren’t of the — how to put this delicately — old-school nerd variety you may not totally understand the joke.

Someone took to the microblogging platform a few days ago with the particular inspired idea of casting the GOP in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. D&D, as it’s lovingly abbreviated, is a decades old role-playing game where someone acting as the Dungeon Master narrates the player’s journey of might and magic (and whimsy and wonder), guiding them through various battles, obstacles, and adventures. Play is advanced by rolling specific multi-sided dice to determine if your chosen action hits, misses, or kills you instantly (among the many possible outcomes). Basically, think of your favorite RPG video game — D&D is it’s great-grandfather.

Taking all of this into consideration, #GOPdnd was born. And the results are hilarious. (Be sure to get your saving throws up before reading, as you may hurt yourself from laughing too hard.)

While understanding the finer points of D&D may help you understand, the jokes are all pretty self-explanatory. It’s also a great allegory for putting our modern-day feudalism into stark terms.

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