‘I Condemn Them’: Trump Tells New York Times He Disavows Alt-Right Conference


trump-new-york-timeseditedDuring an on-the-record editorial board meeting with the New York Times today — a meeting he canceled at one point — President-elect Donald Trump hit on a number of topics and issues that were tossed at him from reporters.

One of the pressing subjects on the journalists’ minds was how Trump viewed the support he’s received from those in the alt-right. Specifically, they wanted to know how the incoming POTUS felt about the the recent conference alt-right leaders held in Washington over the weekend in which attendees were seen giving Nazi salutes as Richard Spencer exclaimed “Hail Trump!”

When first asked about whether he felt he did anything to “energize” the alt-right, Trump said he didn’t think so:

Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was then brought up. He was asked about Bannon’s ties to the alt-right and whether or not he was racist:

He also said that Breitbart, which Bannon headed up, was really just a publication:

After being asked about other topics, the alt-right was brought up again:

And he was asked if he would condemn them, which he did:

That appeared to stop the conversation on the alt-right and support from white supremacists.

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