‘I Won!’ Stephen Colbert Blissfully Claims Victory After Trump Slams Him in Interview

Stephen Colbert literally couldn’t have been happier that President Trump went out of his way to slam him and his “filthy” mouth over his controversial joke from earlier this month.

The Late Show host opened his show last night by going over an extensive profile that Trump did with Time Magazine. Trump blasted multiple political and media figures during the interview, and he referred to Colbert as a “no-talent guy” whose show is failing in the ratings.

For Colbert, there was only one way for him to react to this: with euphoric and complete joy. As he blew kisses and basked in the cheering from the audience, Colbert claimed victory over the dust-up since he successfully managed to get under the president’s skin.

Mr. Trump, there is a lot you don’t understand, but I never thought one of those things would be show business! Don’t you know, I have been trying for a year to get you to say my name, and you were very restrained. Admirably restrained. But now, you did it. I won!

Colbert went on to say that Trump was only giving him more attention, and he noted that his ratings have been quite good lately. Colbert also noted Trump’s low approval numbers, though he said there was at least one thing Trump could do to take the ratings away from Colbert.


Watch above, via CBS.

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