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Inside The White House Press Corps: Mother Jones‘ David Corn

Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn, who also writes a column for Politics Daily, was one of the tougher interviews to get for Inside the White House Press Corps. After several weeks of trying, I finally got him to sit down with me.

Corn is a well-known author and journalist who broke early news on the Valerie Plame affair, and provided memorable coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign. You’ll also recognize him from frequent cable news appearances.

In the most action-packed Inside the White House Press Corps ever, Corn talks about covering the White House, his Twitter dominance, and tells us what he misses about the Bush White House, all while fending off chaotic distractions.

First, a few quick notes. As I said before, David and I have been trying to synchronize our schedules for awhile now, and he had only a limited time to do the interview, so we really didn’t want to delay it. Unfortunately, it was raining outside, and we had no choice but to do it in the briefing room, where all of the networks were setting up for a round of David Axelrod interviews.

As a result, this interview took place amid nerve-jangling chaos that reminded me of that scene in Boogie Nights where the guy keeps lighting firecrackers for no reason. Although the microphone dampens the ambient noise somewhat, I thought it would be cool to let you all in on what it was like. Thus, I am presenting this interview uncut, to truly give you an insider’s view of a working briefing room.

It should also give you some appreciation for Corn’s unflappability, as he ignores a video camera being dropped behind him, and handles a challenge to the continuation of our interview.

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