Israeli Women Go Topless to Show Support for IDF


Why is it that the world cannot push a serious political cause, often unrelated to feminism or women’s rights, without somehow getting breasts involved? Toplessness for subjects involving art and/or women’s rights? Okay, sure. Toplessness for subjects that involve war? A little confusing. But hey, it probably works to boost morale?

First there was a model going topless for #BringBackOurGirls, and now, there’s this: Women expressing their support of the Israeli Defense Force during its ground incursion into Gaza with semi-nude photos.

“Standing With IDF” currently has 6,024 likes and about 34 photos of various body parts with pro-Israel slogans written on them. Just… here are some examples of women showing off their pro-Israeli assets:

You get the idea.

[Image via Facebook]

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