It’s Tricky: Run-DMC Sues Amazon and Wal-Mart For $50 Million Over Product Retail

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-9-25-51-amNow Peter Piper picked peppers, but Run rapped rhymes / Wal-Mart selling what they shouldn’t be, that’s their hard time.

OK, it doesn’t quite flow as well as the original, but you get the point: Wal-Mart and Amazon are Sucker M.C.’s for selling licensed gear of the legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC without permission.

And now? The retail giants are facing a $50 million lawsuit filed by Darryl “DMC” McDaniels.

In the lawsuit, McDaniels alleges that Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Jet have been “advertising, selling, manufacturing, promoting and distributing multiple products,” that are strictly trademarked to the group. ABC notes that this list of gear includes, “glasses, hats, t-shirts, patches, [and] wallets.”

The lawsuit, which was filed yesterday in the Southern District of New York, furthers that the sale of these items has injured the brand of Run-DMC, improperly capitalizing on their popularity without the their approval.

The iconic trio — comprised of McDaniels, Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, and the late Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell — has many licensing agreements with various companies regarding approved merchandising sales. Most notably is the group’s agreement with Adidas, the three-striped sneaker company whose iconic Superstar model the music group made famous in the 80s. To this day, Adidas continues to sell the Superstar sneaker with Run-DMC approved branding.

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