Jack Conway Supporter Caught Disguising Himself As Racist Rand Paul Fan

While Rand Paul’s team is apparently considering “legal options” over the hilarious GQ article describing his whacky drug-fueled collegiate adventures, at least one item hurting his name has been disproven for him. During the heated meeting between he and his Democratic opponent Jack Conway at the Fancy Farm picnic in Kentucky, a videographer caught an apparent Rand Paul fan holding a racist sign. The cameraman later caught the same supporter marching for Jack Conway. Wait, you mean the guy wearing the tin foil hat can’t be trusted? I bet his real last name isn’t even “Randfan.”

This video is some of the best evidence of that much ballyhooed meme of the evil liberals infiltrating Tea Party events. Of course, Tea Partiers should take comfort in the fact that, if all liberal spies are as dumb as this one, they shouldn’t be that hard to suss out. Seriously, dude. You think you could have at least changed your shirt before continuing your double agent espionage mission.

David Weigel contacted the Conway campaign and they denied any connection to the man which isn’t surprising. However, if they had hired or influenced the guy in any way, it’s highly unlikely they would have let him fail so spectacularly. Still though, it’s not like the official campaigns for either side didn’t have anything similarly goofy going on at the picnic. Paul’s campaign hired a guy to tool around in a dolphin costume to symbolize Conway’s flip flopping while Conway’s team set up a “Rand Paul Waffle House” to symbolize Paul’s…waffling. Compared to those pieces of silliness, a spy in a “racist Tea Partier” costume is almost sophisticated politicking.

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