Jeff Flake: I Couldn’t Win an Election By Telling the Truth


The View welcomed Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) to the table on Monday. As expected, the outgoing Senator received plaudits from the anti-President Donald TrumpView panel, and a warm reception from the largely progressive-leaning studio audience in the wake of his dramatic speech bashing Trump on the Senate floor.

After the hospitable greeting, Flake dropped some harsh truth — talking about the state of the Republican party, and the reason he’s not running to retain his seat.

“I felt that I could not run the kind of race I would need to run to be competitive,” Flake said. “I could not speak out as I am now and as I have been over the past several months. There is no way you can be competitive in a Republican primary, particularly in a state like Arizona, if you don’t agree with the President’s position or condone his behavior.”

View host Joy Behar pressed Flake, asking him if he would have run if he felt he had a better chance of winning.

“If I could run the kind of race I’m used to running, if I could tell the truth,” Blake said.

“So you couldn’t win with that,” Behar asked.

“No. You can’t,” Flake said. “You can’t win a Republican primary right now if you’re willing to stand up and say, ‘This is not right. This is not normal.'”

For all of the norms that have been shattered of late in American politics, it’s still pretty remarkable to hear a U.S. Senator say that he cannot win his party’s primary by telling the truth. What’s even more sobering is that he just might be right.

Watch above, via ABC.

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