Joe Walsh Knows Why Obama Hates Israel So Much, Because He’s Muslim Of Course


joe-walsh-msnbceditedFormer Illinois congressman Joe Walsh cranked it up to 11 yesterday as he floated unfounded theories about why Barack Obama “hates Israel:” the president is a secret Muslim.

The representative-turned-conservative radio host said on Twitter that the truth of the matter is “not complicated,” and that there are a lot of people in the media and in Congress who agree with him. According to Walsh, the only reason more people aren’t saying they agree with him is due to fear of public retaliation.

Walsh is an ardent Donald Trump supporter, and has been known to make controversial statements about Muslims and other subjects. Walsh drew attention towards the end of the 2016 Election after he threatened to grab his “musket” if Trump lost to Hillary Clinton.

Though Obama is a Christian, Trump has dabbled with conspiracy theories in the past which suggest that his predecessor is a Muslim and foreign born. In the past week, Trump has blasted Obama and the United Nations due to the resolution condemning Israel for continued expansion of settlements in a number of disputed territories.

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