John Oliver, Last Week Tonight Shout Out Larry Wilmore During Opening Credits


This last week saw the end of the Nightly Show‘s run on Comedy Central. For the past 20 months, the late night show anchored by Larry Wilmore followed up the Daily Show, where Wilmore served as Senior Black Correspondent for years under Jon Stewart.

In response to Wilmore’s cancellation at the hands of the network — which network President Kent Alterman said was, “driven by Larry’s very strong and unique point of view,” — scores of comedians have made gestures of appreciation towards the outgoing host. Samantha Bee from Full Frontal for instance gifted the Nightly Show with wine… three cases, to be exact.

Thanks for the cases of wine Jo Miller, @iamsambee and everyone at Full Frontal. We love you too!

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Stephen Colbert of The Late Show on CBS sent over a gazillion tiny bottles of booze, perfectly arranged in the shape of the host’s head:

On air the next night, Wilmore joked, “Apparently [Colbert] robbed an airline or something… I ain’t mad at them, that’s some good network booze there!” He even joked about how the folks at Last Week Tonight night toast to his swan song as well, remarking, “You better step up, rest of late night. Daddy needs some more juice. I’m looking at you Last Week.”

Sure enough, Oliver sent along champagne to Nightlywhich Jon Stewart tried to walk off with on the last show, nonetheless — but Last Week Tonight didn’t stop there. During the opening credits of Sunday night’s show on HBO, Oliver made sure to shout out Larry Wilmore during a subtle edit:

Last Week Tonight‘s opening features a dizzying array of topics and their presumed Latin derivatives, and included Wilmore as a hat tip to the late night host’s final show.

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