comScore Journalist Learns the Hard Way Not to Bother Michael Phelps When He’s With His Family

Journalist Learns the Hard Way Not to Bother Michael Phelps When He’s With His Family


Olympians… they’re just like us! They win countless gold medals, walk with their families through airports, and don’t even remotely want to be bothered by the press after long international flights.

At least, that’s what one young journalists learned in Phoenix yesterday when Michael Phelps — the most decorated Olympic champion in sports history — returned from his romp in Rio. The swimming champ was spotted walking with his fiancee Nicole and their infant son Boomer when a reporter from 3TV Phoenix tried to stick a microphone in his face and dig up one sweet hot take.

“Michael, how does it feel to touch back, though?” asked the journo during the live shot.

“It feels good to be home,” replied Phelps, clearly hoping that that would mark the end of the questioning. But the reporter — hot on the case — dug in despite the adversity.

“Feel good?” he furthered. “What’s the first thing you’re gonna do?”

This is the point at which Phelps probably thought to himself, “Knock the hell out of pestering reporters,” but opted instead for the civil, “I’m not answering any questions, guys.”

Phelps, who won a casual five gold medals and a silver in Rio, continued: “If you could give me that space while I’m trying to get my family home and safe, I would appreciate that.”

One Facebook user asked the network point black why they would share the video when, “it makes you look so bad?”

3TV Phoenix responded in kind:

We felt it was important to present the story as it happened. Had we deleted the audio, we would be censoring the event. Obviously there are diverse opinions about the interchange, many critical of our station. As journalists we present the facts without censorship, giving the audience the opportunity to make their own judgements about what happened.

Watch above via the 3TV Phoenix Facebook page.

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