Journalists Report More and More Instances of Being Harassed at Trump Rallies

First, it was quips about “[opening] up the libel laws” and never killing journalists in spite of hating them. Then, it was publicly attacking individual journalists one by one. There was the declaration that instead of running against Hillary Clinton for the presidency, he was running against the “crooked media.” Donald Trump has been sowing the seeds of hatred against the media for months.

Earlier this month, NBC News’ Katy Tur wrote an op-ed about what it has been like following Trump on the campaign trail. She wrote about him calling her out by name at rallies, then having to be walked to her car by security afterward. That is the effect the comments about libel laws and crooked media have brought on because some supporters have interpreted them as calls to harass journalists. On the 12th of this month, a rallygoer became incensed and started screaming at the press pen, calling journalists traitors.

That incident went pretty viral, but there has been an increase in incidents like it since.

It’s happening on Twitter, too, of course:

People have questions and concerns:

For the most part, though, it just seems to be getting worse as more and more reporters document the abuse they are receiving for doing their jobs.

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