Julian Assange Does Interview in Hologram Form

Julian Assange continues to reside in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but he found time to make a public appearance for an interview about his book When Google Met WikiLeaks. How, you ask? Well, he appeared by hologram.

That’s right, “appearing as a hologram” is now something that 2Pac, Michael Jackson, and Julian Assange have in common.

Assange’s book details a conversation he had back in 2011 with Google chairman Eric Schmidt. In the interview, Assange says that while Google might claim to be a “playroom of ideas” unlike other companies, they are just a normal company. Albeit one that wants to “collect as much information about the world as possible, store it, index it, make predictive models about people’s interests, and use that to sell advertising.”

And yes, he made these salient points as a hologram.

You can watch two clips from the event here (the first one ends with a pretty awkward high-five):

[h/t Daily Intelligencer]
[image via screengrab]

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