Katrina Pierson Vehemently Defends Her Right to Let Cultural References Go Over Her Head

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.56.00 PMToday, Jake Tapper had Donald Trump‘s spokesperson Katrina Pierson on CNN to talk about the uptick in violent events at her boss’ campaign rallies and whether Trump can be held responsible for it all because he so often uses violent rhetoric. This is not the first time Tapper has brought his concerns to the attention of the campaign and he is obviously passionate about what he perceives to be a major issue.

Pierson tried to deflect, asking why no one ever got angry at Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama for violently talking about bringing a gun to a knife fight.

No, we aren’t kidding. Watch:

It’s hard to say what emotion was playing across Tapper’s face as he deadpanned, “Well, I mean, the line from The Untouchables about bringing a gun to a knife fight… I think people recognize that that was an allusion to a Sean Conne–”

“I don’t think so! I didn’t!” interjected Pierson. “I didn’t recognize that. Absolutely not.”

“Okay, well, you should check out the film The Untouchables,” said Tapper curtly.

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