comScore Kentucky Mayor Allegedly Tweeted About Google Fiber While Pooping

Kentucky Mayor Allegedly Tweeted About Google Fiber While Pooping

Greg Fischer, the mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, may have temporarily saved his state from its otherwise more unfortunate series of appearances in the national news. That’s because the good mayor allegedly tweeted a photo of the Friday edition of The Courier-Journal, Louisville’s paper of record, while he was taking a dump.

The good mayor was reading the paper’s cover story on Google Fiber possibly coming to town when he decided to tweet about it, complete with a photo. The only problem is, Fischer didn’t crop the photo before publishing it:

So why is that a problem? Oh, it probably has something to do with the fact that it looks like Fischer tweeted the photo from inside a bathroom stall. While sitting down. In a bathroom stall. With a newspaper.

Needless to say, Twitter quickly made the minute logical leaps necessary to come to the same conclusion — that the Louisville mayor was tweeting while pooping.

Neither Fischer nor his office have responded to anyone’s requests for comment. Then again, considering that the city is still waiting for Google Fiber, the mayor might be in that stall for a long, long time.

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