Colorado Police Searching for ‘Mad Pooper’ Who Keeps Defecating Around Lady’s House

Kentucky Mayor Allegedly Tweeted About Google Fiber While Pooping

WATCH: Angry Woman Throws Dog Poop in Cop’s Face

Mystery EPA Poop Story Is Worse than We Thought

CA Mayor Resigns for Throwing Dog Poop on Neighbor’s Lawn

CA Mayor Caught Throwing Bag of Poo in Neighbor’s Yard Apologizes

NBC Affiliate Reporter Gets Up Close and Personal with Human Excrement

‘Malicious Fecal Distribution’: Security Video Shows Young Woman Repeatedly ‘Pooping’ On Man’s Home

Al Roker Didn’t Think ‘Pooping Pants At White House’ Story Would Be ‘Such A Big Deal’

Al Roker: ‘I Pooped My Pants’ At The White House

Local Anchors Say ‘Poop’ A Bunch Of Times After Learning Of Cheeta The Chimp’s Death

LA County Bans Plastic Bags, Fox News Wonders What Will Happen To All The Dog Poop

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