Kimmel Hits Trump, Kim Jong-un: Maniacs Bragging About ‘Who Has The Bigger Button!’


On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Trump for some of his most recent Twitter activity.

He began by mocking the president for golfing seven consecutive days after he tweeted that he was “back to work” when Christmas end.

“It was like his version of Hanukkah,” Kimmel joked. “It was supposed to only last for a day but instead it lasted for a whole week. It was a miracle!”

Despite Trump playing golf a record 91 times since taking office, Kimmel said he actually doesn’t mind it because “it’s good” for the president and that it makes him “very positive.”

Kimmel then read one particular tweet Trump made just minutes before he started taping his show.

“Happy New Year!” Kimmel reacted. “We have two maniacs with nuclear warheads bragging about who has the bigger button!”

He also mocked Trump’s tweet taking credit that 2017 had no reported deaths on commercial airlines, which he said could be “his tweet of the year.”

“He clearly didn’t even read the report, which was about commercial aviation around the world. I don’t know if he thinks he’s president of the world now,” Kimmel said. “But if we’re talking about the United States, it’s true. There were no deaths in commercial aviation in 2017 which is great. But do you know which other years had no commercial aviation fatalities? 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 — in fact, the last one was in 2009. So thank you, President Trump, for being so effective can, you actually went back in time. What won’t this man take credit for?”

Kimmel noted that it’s “only Jan. 2” and that he doesn’t think he could “take another year like last year.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.


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