Kristol: Trump Taint May Force Republicans to Form New Party

BillKristol-2As Bill Kristol tries to keep the #NeverTrump movement alive, he’s also warning that traditional conservatives will probably have to create a whole new party in order to recover from Donald Trump‘s impact on the GOP.

“I now wonder really whether the Republican Party itself doesn’t get so tainted by Trump that you have to think of the possibility of a new party or a really radically somehow revised or reformed party,” Kristol said.

The Weekly Standard editor spoke with ABC’s Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein on the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast, where he lamented how the Republican Party has no one to effectively stand up to Trump while he corrupts it with repeated, incendiary controversies. While he admitted that his ideas sounded fanciful, Kristol was deeply worried about what could happen to the GOP’s legacy once the election is over.

“Is any American under 35 will be interested in the Republican party after 4 or 5 months of Trump as its spokesman?” Kristol asked.

Kristol recently failed in an attempt to draft National Review writer David French as an eleventh-hour alternative, but he’s still warning of the dangers of Trump as president.

Kristol threw out several possible alternatives (Mitt Romney, John Kasich, and Susana Martinez to name a few), but said that they would only succeed if GOP leaders reverse course on supporting Trump at once.

Listen above, via ABC.

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