UPDATE: Laura Ingraham Now Saying WH ‘Seems to Be in Flux’ About Inviting Covington Catholic Students


(UPDATE BELOW) Fox News’ Laura Ingraham dropped some big news this afternoon: the Covington Catholic students from that viral encounter with a Native American elder will be meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House.

Trump weighed in on the controversy last night and this morning, saying the students were “smeared” by the media and that they are symbols of how “evil” the “Fake News” can be:

And this afternoon, Ingraham tweeted some news from her podcast––that the students will be meeting with POTUS at the White House, possibly tomorrow:

After Ingraham’s tweet, however, White House reporters said this doesn’t appear to be happening just yet:

UPDATE –– 3:25 pm ET: Now Ingraham is clarifying and saying the decision is “in flux”:

UPDATE –– 8:35 pm ET: Tonight Sarah Sanders said the White House reached out to the students to voice their support, saying, “Certainly no one understands better than this President when the media jumps to conclusions and attacks you for something you may or may not have done.” However, she said if they do invite the students to the White House, it would be after the shutdown.

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