Laura Ingraham Speaks on Revelation She Was a Convicted Thief

As it turns out, before her days helming the desk of a Fox News primetime show, railing against the youth for not respecting police and authority, Laura Ingraham was convicted for shoplifting.

After some extensive sleuthing and a slip up by a court official, website The Smoking Gun obtained a criminal docket revealing Ingraham was convicted of a shoplifting charge while a student at Dartmouth in January 1983. She was at the time a 19-year-old sophomore living in a Dartmouth dorm, per the Smoking Gun.

As it turns out, Ingraham addressed the incident on her radio show last month, in a segment on “dumbest things” people did in college. The host claimed that as a student she “swiped” coffee from a convenience store on a dare, because she and her friends had no money. Ingraham and her gang of youths were confronted by the store’s clerk, and denied they had stolen the coffee. The clerk later reported them to the police.

“Freaking get nabbed for shoplifting!” Ingraham said. “It was basically expunged. Oh it was so stupid!”

Ingraham entered a no contest plea, according to TSG, and was convicted of a misdemeanor with a $200 fine. She was sentenced to a conditional discharge, allowing her to petition the court to have the case records annulled.

She did just that five months after the bust, and the case was annulled. But a slip up from a New Hampshire official allowed for TSG to obtain the docket:

Five months after her collar, Ingraham’s criminal case was annulled, according to an entry on the criminal docket. After mailing TSG a copy of the docket in response to a written request, a court official said that the document was mistakenly released by clerk’s office personnel.

“You should get a pass on one thing you do, especially if it was a misdemeanor,” Ingraham said on her show.

During her time at Dartmouth, Ingraham was renowned for her work for the Dartmouth Review, the small college’s conservative publication, where she outed gay students.

As TSG points out, the rule of law has since become an important part of Ingraham’s punditry:

Ingraham’s RNC speech also bemoaned the lack of respect in society, especially for police. “Many in public office don’t enforce or respect the rule of law,” said Ingraham. “Isn’t that right, Mrs. Clinton?” Ingraham added, prompting audience chants of “Lock her up!” Ingraham added that, “Too many citizens and non-citizens don’t respect our laws either.”

Ingraham reported for the Review under editor Dinesh D’Souza. D’Souza himself would face the long arm of the law in 2014, when he was convicted of felony campaign finance-violations. Trump announced he would pardon D’Souza last week, after lobbying from Sen. Ted Cruz on behalf of the internet troll. Fun fact: D’Souza dated Ingraham at Dartmouth, but the two split after he moved on to another firebrand… Ann Coulter.

Correction: a previous version of this article reported Ingraham responded to the Smoking Gun report. She actually addressed the incident on her show last month.

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