comScore Laurence Tribe Tells Joy Reid That Trump Thinks He's a 'Babe Magnet' But He's Really an 'Emoluments Magnet'

Law Prof Tells Joy Reid That Trump Thinks He’s a ‘Babe Magnet’ But He’s Really an ‘Emoluments Magnet’

laurence-tribeeditededitedDuring an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy, noted constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe took a shot at President-elect Donald Trump regarding his narcissism while explaining the potential issues revolving around Trump’s dealings with foreign governments.

Speaking to host Joy Reid, Tribe had the following to say about Trump’s corporate interests around the world as it relates to his status as incoming POTUS regarding the emoluments clause.

“He’s a constant emolument magnet,” Tribe stated. “He thinks of himself as a babe magnet but he’s an emoluments magnet.”

He further explained that “all around the world everybody wants to go to his hotels and not the competitor and want to give him a variance or a special land use permit.”

Tribe noted that the only way for his to resolve these issues was to liquidate all of his assets into a blind trust. He said that if Trump doesn’t do that prior to his inauguration, he’d be “a walking, talking violation of the constitution from the moment he takes the oath.”

Trump has claimed that he will hold a news conference on December 15th where he will hand over his business interests to his children.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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