Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Livestreams Himself Getting Kicked Off American Airlines Flight


Former MSNBC and Current TV host and founder of pioneering web news show The Young Turks Cenk Uygur had a bad Friday night/Saturday morning, and he shared it with the world. After sitting through a four-hour delay at LAX for his flight to Miami, Uygur announced, via Twitter, that American Airlines had kicked him off the flight:

In this social media age, Uygur was also able to document the ordeal via streaming Facebook video. He began his streamcast calmly enough, after about an hour delay. Two hours in, a frustrated Cenk passes the time by updating the status of his flight, and taking questions from his Facebook followers. Three hours in, Uygur “went from Fun Cenk to Angry Cenk,” as evidenced by the title of his next video, “American Airlines is a super shitty airline!”

Viewers were treated to video of customers arguing with an American Airlines gate agent, then yelling at each other over whether they should be yelling at the poor nametag who had no power to do anything, and Cenk hollering at the supervisor who finally showed up. You can see the full 22 minute clip here, but here’s a taste:

After one more update when the plane arrived, in which he congratulated the counterman for his poise and advocacy on the passengers’ behalf, this happened:

Kicked off!

Posted by Cenk Uygur on Saturday, April 9, 2016

Minutes later, Cenk wrapped up by explaining what had happened, accusing the supervisor of kicking him off the flight “out of vindictiveness,” and explaining that the reason she gave was that “the Captain didn’t feel comfortable” with Uygur on the plane.

American Airlines just kicked me off the plane! Gross, horrific incompetence!

Posted by Cenk Uygur on Saturday, April 9, 2016

In perhaps a final irony, American Airlines responded to Uygur via social media apologizing for the delay and asking him for more details, after he got kicked off the flight:

Update: Cenk is on a plane!

Later on Saturday, Cenk posted this video explaining that American Airlines had noticed the social media activity from this incident, and also clarifying that the real reason he and another passenger had been kicked off the plane was because they were videotaping. Also, yay Bernie Sanders:

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