Limbaugh Links ESPN’s Britt McHenry to Hillary: ‘Mean-Spirited Superiorists’

ESPN’s Britt McHenry flipped out on a towing attendant, in video leaked yesterday, in which she drops a number of profanities and gets really angry when her car was reportedly impounded. Her employer gave her a one-week suspension for her behavior, and Rush Limbaugh reacted today by drawing parallels with Hillary Clinton.

He asked, “Did she park illegally like Hillary did? She’s not Hillary, she can’t get away with parking Scooby in a handicap zone.”

Limbaugh commented on people like Clinton and McHenry who preach about tolerance and respect but are really “mean-spirited superiorists who look down on everybody.”

And later on in the show, Limbaugh played audio of Clinton getting particularly angry with the Bush administration, teeing it up by saying, “I want you to hear, if things don’t change in just a few short years, who and what Britt McHenry is going to be become.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

And you can watch the now-infamous video of McHenry here, via LiveLeak (WARNING: NSFW — EXPLICIT LANGUAGE):

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